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If a company needs to communicate and engage with its customers, as well as promote, media technologies provide the tools necessary to connect. These cutting-edge tools allow businesses to stay relevant and accessible to their customers, which can boost business success.

Media technology is any type of hardware or software that is used to create media, produce, and distribute any type of media — audio and video images data, interactive and social media environments, virtual reality, augmented reality and much more. It could range from low-tech tools used by artists, to the global media processing systems and distribution systems of major corporations.

Media technologies can be utilized to promote a company. Examples include marketing via email and social media management. They enable businesses to communicate with prospects and customers in innovative ways, such as providing real-time customer support or sending targeted emails.

New media technologies also help to build an online community for brands. This boosts engagement and fosters trust and loyalty. YouTube for instance, is a well-known social media platform that allows users to post content that is tailored to a particular interest while also inviting feedback from the community. In more extreme circumstances, new media technologies can be used by political propagandists to influence public opinions. For instance terrorist groups could televise the execution of an American journalist in order to encourage violence. Media technology can mitigate this by providing tools for moderation and verification.

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