Come to prayer - حَيَّ على الصَلاةِ..

January 24, 2022

20 Jumādā ath-Thāniya 1443

Dhuhr /الظهر Iqamah

1:00 pm

47:00 Minutes
Salaat Beginning Time Iqamah
Fajr / الفجر6:26 am 7:15 am
Sunrise / شروق8:11 am
Dhuhr /الظهر12:27 pm 1:00 pm
Asr / العصر2:48 pm 3:45 pm
Maghrib / المغرب4:41 pm 4:41 pm
Isha / عشا6:21 pm 7:45 pm
Jummah / جُمُعَة 12:45pm / 1:30pm

Please note; during the winter months Isha Jamaat will be earlier at the weekends, please check in the Mosque.

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For full annual timetable please visit
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A great opportunity to work on your Quran with experienced teachers.
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May Allah accept all efforts. Please continue to support the project
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@HaramainInfo: Eid Takbeerat Video Showing Muadhins Of Masjid Al Haram
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