Lancaster Muslim Burial Services

We have been providing burial services to the Muslim community in Lancaster for many years. The service has been run on a not-for-profit basis by the local Mosques.

The present volunteers will help and guide you through the processes and help in getting all necessary paperwork.

Lookman Thagia 07557883540

Inayat Munshi 07970404044

Saeed Essa 07983464405

Muhammad Milad (Arabic Speaking) 07447193649

We have all the facilities and dedicated volunteers required to provide a service for both men and women in a manner that complies with the Shari’ah. We will help out with obtaining certificates by liaising with various departments and with all the five stages that follow the death of a Muslim.

1.The final bathing (ghusl) of the deceased – tajheez

2. The shrouding (kafan) of the deceased – takfeen

3. The funeral prayers – janazah salah

4. The funeral procession – carrying the bier to the grave

5. The burial of the deceased – tadfeen.

Priority for Next of Kin immediately upon death:

Please make immediate arrangements to request a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD) from the hospital or your GP. We as volunteers can only then proceed to the next stage of obtaining various other permissions once the death certificate is handed over to the family. It is important obtain out of hour contact details of your GP/Doctor who signs the MCCD in case of errors which can then be rectified quickly and potential delays minimised. 

The bereaved family will be provided a dedicated volunteer immediately the MCCD has been issued. The volunteers will then start the process of liaising with the Registrar. If the cause of death is clear the coroner will issue a certificate to state no post-mortem is required after which we can proceed with burial arrangements.

If for any reason (rare) a Doctor or GP has issued a MCCD but requires a Coroner to be involved a delay is likely. However, with the permission of the bereaved family we will discuss the process with the coroner’s office and try to obtain a funeral certificate as quickly as possible. 

In almost all cases we do not have an autopsy in that bodily intrusion violates the sanctity of keeping the human body complete. A scan can be arranged in Preston which is an alternative to an autopsy and transportation can be arranged if required.

Muslim Law & Traditions

Islamic law and tradition have endowed a Muslim’s funeral with profound religious significance and it should, in every respect, express the dignity, sanctity and modesty of a solemn religious service.

It is very important to complete the above stages as quickly as possible, for Rasulullah (ﷺ) has emphasised:
“Make haste at a funeral; if the dead person was good, it is a good state to which you are sending him on; but if he was otherwise it is an evil of which you are ridding

Moreover, the blessings and forgiveness for the deceased that will be acquired by adhering to the command of Rasulullah (ﷺ) is more worthy then delaying the janazah salah, even with the possibility that more participants may attend. Shari’ah has also prohibited the delaying of the burial on account of family or friend’s inability to arrive quickly.

Please note:

To comply with the formalities of the law of this country, which requires that the death is certified and registered. We have a special dispensation to register the death on the first working day after the funeral. Please contact our local registration office for marriages and deaths and book an appointment. Please do not delay this process. Some offices will have arrangements for urgent appointments for religious reasons. Ensure you ask for the required documents to take with you to the appointment.

Please fill out the form on THIS LINK and pass the required information to a volunteer from the burial service by email or hand.

Lancaster Muslim Burial Services