Lancaster Islamic Society was established in 1972 by a small group of Muslims residing in the Lancaster area.  As the religious needs of the Muslim community grew,  the society secured leased premises at Howarden Cottages, which are located at the end of Hinde Street in Lancaster.  Years later the property was purchased by the Society and the Mosque remained there up until the late 1980’s.

Over the years some members of the community moved to other Cities and some to more affluent areas in the Lancaster area.  Consequently this resulted in Muslims living around the immediate vicinity of the Mosque to diminish.  The Committee then sought to relocate the Mosque closer to the main Muslim community which is also central to the City. This naturally made the position ideal for all.  With the will of Allah SWT the Society managed to purchase a new property on Fenton Street, which is within the boundaries of the City Centre.  The property was a former church premises that was disused for many years.  Following extensive refurbishment the Mosque was completed in the early 1990’s and provided an increased capacity for a fast growing and diverse community; whilst being strategically located near the nearby Muslim community and City Centre.

Masjid-e-Noor is used exclusively for the five times daily prayers, Jumma and Eid Prayers, Quranic recitals and lectures. It is also used for the purpose of a Madrasah (Muslim School) for children, male and female above the age of 5.  We teach Quran, Hadeeth and the fundamentals of Islam. A Hifz class is also offered for those wishing to memorise the Holy Quran.  During the month of Ramdhan the Mosque perfoms the Tarawih and Alhammdullilah, the Mosque is attended beyond capacity.

The Mosque also partakes in spreading the Islamic Message through the work of Tabligh.  Often Muslims from other Mosques in the UK and the World reside at the Mosque for a few days. They visit members of the community to strengthen their own Imaan (Faith) and deliver a positive peaceful message to members of the Muslim Community through lectures and Gasht (Home Visits)

Alhamdulillah,  the progressive increase in Lancaster’s Muslim population, has resulted in a necessity to expand the facilites at the Mosque.  Our ultimate goal remains to  eventually build a purpose built Mosque, to establish a more prominent position with the historic and beautiful city of Lancaster. At present a plan to extend the exisitng prayer hall is a priority task.  Donations towards the cost of this are welcome and appreciated.