Where and how to hire an app developer who will be able to ensure you top quality final product? Here at Cleveroad, we decided to answer all your questions about mobile app developers’ employment. Apart from developing an android application for your business, our dedicated android app developers will provide support and maintenance services. It will ensure the application’s high performance and the business’s success.

Finally, while submitting an app to Google Play is a relatively simple procedure, understanding all of the Play Store features will greatly assist you in improving your app and increasing downloads. A seasoned developer always knows that it should only be used when publishing an application. Because your program is still not visible to the general public, there’s no reason to obscure it while testing it before releasing it. Consider the type of program (native, cross-platform, or hybrid), data usage, and hardware access. The following factors can help you limit your app’s language and framework options. This region’s distinctive feature is its geographical proximity to North America, which means a slight time difference between these regions.


Despite the ubiquity of freelance developers, location still plays a very important role in price formation. Indian coders, for example, will surely demand less money than American ones — even if you hire them via the internet. The reasons for that are plenty — starting with tax policies for each country, going through the cost of living, and the general level of IT industry development. You can go about hiring remote Android developers in two ways ‒ use freelance websites or partner up with outstaffing companies. It’s possible to book an individual contractor for a few hours or outsource the Android development team for the entire project.

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We have a creative hub where our best Android app developers and designers sit together to balance the visual aesthetics and functionality of each new app project we start. Our expert Android programmers and design gurus can design perfect apps for you. Our Android application developers have worked on many projects and built scalable digital solutions with state-of-the-art features. When you hire mobile app developers on outsource, you may need to monitor their activity and approve their work results.

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He is passionate about bringing ideas from conception to launch, working with clients of all levels of technical acumen, and building products that help companies grow. Toptal helps you hire proven Android app developers on demand, from its elite nework of Android freelancers. See why top companies and startups trust Toptal to hire top freelance Android experts. TechGropse is a team of dedicated developers who are well-versed in building innovative applications, including unique features. Our team of dedicated developers have 7+ years of experience in the app development industry, so they easily make error-free coding.

hire android app developer

Yes, we provide support and maintenance for one year after the delivery of the project. Apps can potentially rake in billions of dollars each year in revenue. However, most of the apps that manage to do this, are quite low in number…

How much does it cost to hire an Android developer?

When you hire apps developer from this country, you can notice that the Estonian tech experts are competent in a wide range of technologies and solutions to apply to the project. They comprise a vital combination of greatly-developed hard as well as soft skills. Cost efficiency is an important factor for businesses seeking an application developer for hire.

hire android app developer

At Glorium Technologies, we combine technical expertise with creative innovation to design and build engaging apps that seamlessly integrate with Android-powered smartwatches and wearable devices. Our team specializes in developing MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) for Android apps, providing quick idea validation, faster time-to-market, and valuable user feedback. With our dedication to delivering excellence, we ensure that your MVP highlights the essential features and functionality of your app, establishing a strong base for its future success.

What extra experience can be valuable for Android developers

Discuss all aspects of your app development project, establish timelines, negotiate the time and format of your daily or weekly meetings, and request preliminary project estimates. Step 1 to hire Android developers – Prepare a technical description of your project. That’s a very important thing to check because Android developers must be able to recognize bugs before releasing new versions and know-how to test their products properly. If they don’t, they may provide you with a buggy product, and if you don’t notice, it may reach end-users, who may complain or leave negative reviews on Google Play Store.

  • Its popularity has spread far beyond regional borders thanks to globally successful startups like Grammarly, Ajax Systems, GitLab, and many others.
  • It will assist you in taking your business to the next level easily.
  • This enables us to develop versatile applications that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.
  • Tekrevol’s proficient Android developer teams can know how to build exquisite mobile apps.
  • However, autonomous hiring isn’t for the faint of heart — it’s tough, risky, and it can take a long time before you meet the one whom you would gladly entrust the code reigns of your project.
  • You can find the best Android developers through Turing’s Intelligent Talent Cloud platform, which helps you recruit from the top 1% developer pool in just 3-5 days.

You must first determine what talents and experience your Android developers should possess before beginning your search. To discover the right developers for your project, you’ll need to submit a clear job description. The blog is helpful for all those who are finding a Mobile App developer. Moon Technolabs is one of the best development company who provide developing services hourly basis also.

The tech skills and software proficiency of the developers in question also plays an important role in price calculations. Java, Android SDK, and Android Studio IDE are the pillars of Android https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/strong-middle-android-developer/ development. Those engineers who don’t know anything on top of that will do their Android development job OK — they won’t provide anything extra, but their rates will also be moderate.

A survey shows typical smartphone users had 40 apps installed on their mobile phones in 2020. Bidding platforms don’t have too many staff members responsible for all the stages of client-developer cooperation. Bidding platforms don’t care about their registered users and don’t handle conflicts except directly connected with the platform functionality. One more distinction between vetting and bidding platforms is their approach to hiring. Generally, three strategies can be used to hire developers for the IT project.

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